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About Cornerstone Asset Metals

Cornerstone Asset Metals

Inflation protection is something that every investor saving for retirement should be advised about. It is important to know why your net worth is shrinking so significantly and more importantly how to hedge your portfolio against inflation. Your retirement will never be the same unless a portion of your holdings are positioned to protect your retirement reserve. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through the purchase of tangible assets such as precious metals.

Cornerstone Asset Metals is a private bullion dealer established by Accredited Asset Management Specialist, Terry Sacka that specializes in helping investors protect their assets and build wealth with precious metals such as gold and silver. Investors trust in the Cornerstone name to guide them through the precious metals market at a time where the appropriate steps to take to protect their future may not be apparent.

Having a Cornerstone account means being in complete control of your assets as your account is always liquid. Investors can purchase physical bullion direct from coins, rounds and even large denominations of bars at a level and time in which they feel most comfortable. These assets are either shipped to them via US Mail insured postage or they can be securely stored at an independent depository until they decide to take possession of their bullion.


Instant Liquidity.

Cornerstone accounts are always liquid and with a simple phone call an individual may have funds wired to them. They may also enter the market to make purchases even when the market is moving. This means instant buying power to enter and exit the market at will. Your account representative will provide speedy purchase and sell order confirmations during all transactions.


Delivery and Optional Storage

With their many partnerships established, they are able to deliver any form of precious metal in any increment to their clientele. All bullion is shipped via U.S. postal flat rate mail with registration, insurance and very discrete markings. If you choose to have your bullion stored without securing it yourself  can opt for storage at an independent depository.


Terry Sacka, AAMS

Accredited Asset Management Specialist, Terry Sacka founded Cornerstone to help those who wish to protect their non-performing assets with gold and silver while also providing options to secure their IRA and 401K retirement accounts with these same precious metals. Gold and silver have been historically recognized as a true standard of wealth and is used for monetary exchange in all parts of the world.


Investing in Gold

Gold has been used as a medium of exchange since the dawn of civilization, is highly liquid and the most desired metal in history. It is the single most trusted international medium due to it’s great stability. In over five thousand years of use by man it has never failed. At many points in history it has also been revalued to account for excess paper money being printed. If gold were revalued today it would be at nearly $15,000 oz due to the tremendous amount of dollars being printed.

In 2012, the loss of purchasing power when comparing paper currencies to gold was 7.0% and 94% of all fiat currencies lost purchasing power to gold.


Investing in Silver

Silver is a metal that is far more scarce than gold as they are unable to mine much more new silver these days. Silver is a metal that has many industrial and electrical applications therefore the industrial demand is heavier than that of gold. It is extremely versatile and has countless uses. It still remains to be very liquid and offers tremendous upswing. Each and every day a new application for silver is invented which is why as the metal becomes more scarce undoubtedly its value will continue to increase.

In 2012, the loss of purchasing power when comparing paper currency to silver was 8.3% and 96% of all fiat currencies lost purchasing power to silver in 2012.